While the NDIS is putting choice and control where it rightfully belongs - into the hands of people living with disability - it's throwing up a host of challenges for service providers throughout Australia.

Our principal consultant David Hogg has been involved in the NDIS from its inception, trial and rollout. Founder and former Managing Director of Lifestyle Solutions, David understands the full extent of the transformation service providers must make to thrive in this consumer driven market.  



HOW CAN Imagining4Good HELP?


Now is the time to evaluate your organisational capacity to adapt to the NDIS. At Imagining4Good we'll draw on our extensive operational experience and strategic working knowledge of the NDIS to:


create innovate 

We're working with Service Providers throughout Australia to develop sustainable NDIS business strategies and operational solutions 
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  1. Help you understand the practical impact of the NDIS on service delivery and operations.

  2. Evaluate your organisational capacity and willingness to adapt to these changes.

  3. Build a sustainable NDIS strategy focusing on:

  • organisational structure and priorities

  • required business systems

  • adaptation of services and supports

  • workforce development

  • customer service

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